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Jan Pulvermacher-Ryan, Dept Chairman

Jan Pulvermacher-Ryan PNP_edited.jpg

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*Corrections for printed versions prior to following edit dates:

5/2/2023 – Correction: pg. 17, Article IX Unit Organizations, Section 5, second line, 8th word should be “membership,” not “ALA.”  Correct Sentence should read: Section 5.  Each Unit of the American Legion Auxiliary shall be responsible for verifying eligibility and deciding its membership, subject to the restrictions of the national governing documents.

Standing Rules

Diane Duscheck, Dept Chairman

2017-2018 Diane Duscheck PNP.jpg

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Teresa Isensee, Dept Chairman

Teresa Isensee-2018 CDNVP.jpg

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2023-2024 District Parliamentarian:

District 1 - Sabrina Stapleton                      District 7 - Pat Smith

District 2 - Amy Luft                                      District 8 - Diane Kranig

District 3 - Jan Pulvermacher-Ryan           District 9 - TBD

District 4 - Bonnie Jakubczyk                      District 10 - Jeanne Williams

District 5 - Vacant                                          District 11 - Vacant

District 6 - Diane Duscheck                         District 12 - Vacant

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