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Some Scholarship Forms May be Duplicated

Please Read Instructions Carefully and Before filling out application


Scholarship forms will be available in Adobe pdf format for download and can then be printed and submitted in printed form. There are two methods for accessing the online forms:

  1. Click on the Scholarship form and it will be displayed in the browser. You can then print or save the form.  To save, locate the picture of a diskette in the upper left corner of this screen.  To print, locate the picture of a printer in the upper left corner of this screen.

  2. "Right click" on the Scholarship name and select "Save Target as" from the display menu.  Select a location to save the file to and click "save".  The file will then be saved to your computer for easier access. 


Scholarship Applications

See applications for deadline dates

Check back if a link is not yet active

National President Scholarship 

(National) Non-Traditional Scholarship 

(National) Spirit of Youth Scholarship

(National) Junior Member Loyalty Scholarship 

Department of Wisconsin Scholarship 

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