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Jenni Syftestad, Tournament Director


The American Legion Auxiliary is the sponsoring body of the Wisconsin American Legion Auxiliary State Bowling Association, Inc. Its purpose shall be to promote good fellowship among units and members of the American Legion Auxiliary by conducting an annual 9-Pin Tap Bowling Tournament, usually in early April. Since this is not a sanctioned tournament, units are encouraged to register a team of four senior members. Units interested in hosting a tournament in their area (see requirements) should contact the Bowling Chair/Tournament Director for additional details.

2024 Tournament Info:

  • Where: Sports Page Bowl

    • 1174 W Broadway Avenue, Medford WI 54451

    • Flag presentation, pledge, greetings and announcements start at 10:30 am with bowling beginning at 11:00 am.

  • When: April 6-7 & April 13-14

    • Saturday shifts: 11:00 am & 2:00 pm 

      • Doubles & Singles 

    • Sunday shift: 9:00 am

      • Teams 

For more information contact Tournament Director

Check back if a link is not active




  1. All senior members of the Wisconsin American Legion Auxiliary, holding 2024 membership card are eligible to enter the tournament under the below rules.

  2. New bowlers enter the tournament with an average of 145 women and 165 men.

  3. Entrants allowed bowling only once per event.

  4. Everyone MUST bowl when scheduled.

  5. Entries must be accompanied by full amount of fees, $31.00 per bowler, per event.  The entry fees cannot be refunded after the entry and fees have been received. Hostess city entrants will be given dates and times requested, if possible; otherwise, the tournament manager will assign dates and times.  NO hostess city entries will be refunded.

  6. No entries shall be accepted after the entry closing date. NO EXCEPTIONS

  7. All events are optional and may be entered for a $3.00 fee.  Paid all events are not transferable unless the substitute replaces original entrant in all three events.

  8. If a team has only 3 bowlers, only 3 scores can be used.  NO blind score will be used.

  9. This tournament will be conducted on a handicap basis of 75% of the difference between each entrant’s average and 200 pins.

  10. If a substitution is made in the doubles event the substitute must take the place of the bowler she is replacing.  NO rearranging of partners will be permitted in the doubles.

  11. A sub shall be allowed, if one is available, in case of disability after a game has started, in team and doubles only.  Only the actual score of the frames bowled shall count if a sub is not available.

  12. Bowlers entered in all three events will be so scheduled to permit them to complete competition within two days, unless they are doubled with someone who is bowling on another four-person team at some other time, which prevents scheduling of these participants on same convenient dates.

  13. Teams will bowl all three games on their scheduled pair of lanes.  Doubles and Singles events with be bowled on another pair of lanes.

  14. Every bowler entered in the individual events must have at least one ball for their personal use.  No sharing balls with other bowlers.  (House balls are acceptable.)

  15. If a bowler is absent by the scheduled time and does not arrive by the end of the 4th frame of the 1st game, absent bowler shall forfeit the first game, but is eligible to bowl 2nd and 3rd game if arrival prior to the start of the 2nd game.

  16. First place Champions and last place Champions will receive individual certificates and pins. 

  17. Cash prizes will be determined upon completion of the tournament, based on funds received.


  19. Make sure you are watching for your turn to bowl and keep the games going.  There are other shifts for Auxiliary bowling and possible league bowling scheduled after our tournament.



  1. Captains must check in and verify lineups 45 minutes prior to starting time. Registration will CLOSE 30 minutes before squad time. This is all necessary due to last-minute changes. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  2. When substitutes not registered on entry blank are used, captains shall report same to Tournament Manager before entering contest and present 2024 American Legion Auxiliary membership card of substitute.

  3. There must be a TEAM CAPTAIN FOR EACH TEAM.



This tournament shall be conducted as a form of social enjoyment for all Senior members of the Wisconsin American Legion Auxiliary.

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