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Past presidents parley

2019-2020 Joanie Dickerson.jpg

Joanie Dickerson, Department Chairman

The purpose of the Past Presidents Parley (PPP) is for members who have served as unit, county, district, department, or national presidents to continue in the active service of the Auxiliary to ensure a strong leadership future for the organization. Past presidents at all levels are encouraged to continue their support to the organization by accepting responsibility that their knowledge and wisdom as a past leader can make a difference in developing and mentoring the life of one member. Past leaders can join the group as ambassadors for the organization, knowing there is much information to share to make each level of the organization stronger and maintain its growth with positive actions.

The PPP is a standing committee of the American Legion Auxiliary. Its objective is the promotion of the activities of the Auxiliary, with special consideration given to female veterans. Eligibility to membership in the PPP is based on two factors: 1) a member must have served as President of the American Legion Auxiliary on the unit, county, district, or department level, and 2) unit dues must have been paid for the current year.

A past president is: 1) a member who served as president for one full year, or 2) a member who served as president for part of the year and who, due to illness or conditions beyond their control, had to terminate their tenure, or 3) any vice president acting as president due to the resignation or death of the president. Note: If presidents succeed themselves in office, they are considered a past president after the end of their first term and may then join the PPP.

The PPP recognizes the contributions of valued unit members through the Mentor of the Year award.  Nominations must be submitted to the PPP Chairman by May 15th.


The PPP also assists deserving students who are pursuing an education in nursing or healthcare fields through the scholarship program. The Wisconsin PPP currently awards up to three scholarships to qualified applicants who need financial assistance to complete their education in the nursing or healthcare fields.

PPP scholarships are funded by PPP dues and donations from individuals, units and parleys, minus PPP expenses. Any unit or member can donate to the PPP Scholarship Fund. Continued support of these scholarships is dependent on the amount of money raised through PPP dues and donations. In the fall of the year, each unit receives a form to submit to department headquarters with the names and PPP dues of the past presidents who are current members of the unit.


The purpose of the Cavalcade of Memories is to preserve, display and share the history of the American Legion Auxiliary so we can continue to honor those members who have made significant sacrifices for our organization and build on their experiences. The Cavalcade of Memories repositories can also act as a resource for members, volunteers and the general public. It is suggested that units have some type of Cavalcade of Memories.

Following their term of office, each Department President is to donate a memento for the Cavalcade of Memories cabinets and an ornament to be placed on the Department Presidents' Christmas tree at department headquarters.

The Past Presidents Parley Chair is responsible for updating the Cavalcade of Memories. Past Department Presidents' treasures are identified in the cabinet with name and year served. A permanent record is kept at department headquarters with the name of the president, year served, description of the memento, and the president's theme.

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This award is to be given to a past president that has gone beyond the unit level and is continuing to be a leader and mentor to members of our organization. We want to recognize those members who excel at encouraging and mentoring other members of the organization on a regular and on- going basis.


To nominate someone for this award, a letter of nomination not to exceed 1000 words must be sent in by May 15th to the Past Presidents Parley Chairman.


Criteria to consider when recommending a nominee:


  1. Must be a member in good standing

  2. A history of being involved in multiple levels of the organization

  3. Prior leadership roles on the unit, county, district and/or department levels

  4. Leads by example

  5. Demonstrates passion in working the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary

  6. Willing to work in the background, not seeking recognition for their actions

  7. Takes a personal interest in the future leaders of the organization

  8. Attends District and Department events when possible

  9. Is open to change in our organization

  10. A Legion Family supporter

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