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June 16-21, 2024

University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

Government Leadership Conference

For Program Information Contact:

Department Chairman Dany Thompson

Vice Chairman Jen Leahy

Executive Director Dee Woolf

Assistant Executive Director Joanie Dickerson

American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Wisconsin

2930 American Legion Drive

P.O. Box 140, Portage, WI 53901-0140

Phone: 608-745-0345

Fax: 608-745-1947


ALABGS Website:


What is American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State?

It is promoted as a government and leadership conference where the entire delegation will become a fifty-first state and will function according to the laws of the State of Wisconsin. Each day will focus on the various aspects of state government, God & Country and will include daily prayers. Other days at Girls State will be given to the various activities of government. Girls State is not a recreational program. It is a school of government training for which the girl has been selected by her school and the local Unit. She should come prepared to apply herself diligently to the program as it is scheduled. The citizens are divided into political parties, the Federalists and Nationalists. They develop their own party platforms and formulate their own issues.

The girls "learn by doing" as they function on city, county and state levels by electing officials in the manner prescribed by regular election procedures and conducting business on those levels. Every girl is encouraged to participate in some level of the governmental process.


Dates And Location

American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State will be held on the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh campus, June 16-21, 2024.  Delegates will be housed in Gruenhagen Conference Center (208 Osceola Street) and all meetings will be held in various campus buildings.


ALABGS is a program sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Wisconsin. Any branch of the Wisconsin American Legion Family (Units/Posts/Squadrons/Riders), civic organizations, service clubs, businesses, or school groups may sponsor delegates to the ALABGS session.  Delegates should be encouraged to give a report to the sponsoring organization after completing the session.

Reservation Form

Information on ALABGS, including a reservation form, is mailed in the Fall to all units and widow posts. SAL squadrons or Legion Riders groups should contact ALA department headquarters if they are interested in receiving information.  Any Legion Family group considering sponsorship of delegates to ALABGS should complete and return the form to Auxiliary department headquarters by the deadline with a check for the delegate fee(s) payable to ALABGS.


The sponsorship fee is $400.00 per delegate.  Make checks payable to ALABGS (American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State) and send to the American Legion Auxiliary Department Headquarters (PO Box 140, Portage, WI 53901). A $50.00 fee will be withheld for expenses already incurred when a cancellation of a delegate/alternate is received on or after April 16.  After May 1, there will be no refunds.  There will be an appeal process in special cases regarding refunds.  The Executive Director will handle appeals on a case by case basis.  Units are encouraged to inform their school(s) of this so delegate(s) are aware of the seriousness of their commitment.

Candidate Eligibility

Girls sent to American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State are to be selected by the high school faculty, working with the sponsoring American Legion Auxiliary Unit. Each girl must meet all of the following eligibility requirements before being considered a candidate:

  1. Be enrolled in the junior  year  of a Wisconsin public, parochial, or private high school or home school whether the candidate resides in Wisconsin or a neighboring state.

  2. Be interested in government and citizenship.

  3. Be academically eligible and recommended by their school to participate. 

  4. Have outstanding qualities of leadership, good moral character, cooperativeness, dependability and participation in extra-curricular activities

  5. Have good health and be physically fit.

  6. If the considered applicant has a disability, whether the handicap is temporary or permanent, a supplementary written application is required to the Executive Director, ALA Badger Girls State, PO Box 140, Portage WI 53901.


It is strongly recommended that all delegates, alternates, parents, school faculty, and sponsors watch the online ALABGS orientation.  This provides an opportunity to be better prepared and details expectations for the ALABGS session.  The orientation will be posted on the ALABGS website ( and a short online quiz will verify the participant's knowledge after the orientation. 

Refund Policy

A full refund of the delegate/alternate fee will be issued to sponsors who notify department headquarters of the cancellation and request the refund prior to April 15th. Cancellations and refund requests postmarked or emailed after April 15th will be assessed a $50 processing fee for each delegate reservation cancellation, resulting in a partial refund issued to the sponsor. NO REFUNDS will be issued after May 1st. There is an appeal process in special cases regarding refunds. The Executive Director will handle appeals on a case-by-case basis.

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