• All 2022 Membership Packets were mailed July 13, 2021 to the Remit To person/address on file.

  • Units may begin sending in their 2022 RENEWING members.

  • Members must be current and have their 2021 dues paid before their 2022 dues can be processed.

  • NEW 2022 members cannot be sent in until after September 1, 2021.

  • The first 2022 membership award Purple Heart Day membership is coming up fast! All units at 25% or greater 2022 paid membership (PUFL’s not included), a 2021-2022 Unit Officer on file, and all listed officers paid will be eligible for a random drawing in which 1 unit will win $100.

Maggie Geiger

Dept. Membership Chairman



Membership in the American Legion Auxiliary shall be limited to:


1.  The grandmothers, mothers, sisters, spouses, direct and adopted female descendants of

    members of

     a.  The American Legion

     b.  Those who served in the Armed Forces of the United States during any of the                   

           allowable eligibility periods determined by congress, and who died in the line of

           duty during such service or after receiving an Honorable Discharge.

2.  Women who are eligible for membership in The American Legion in their own right.

3.  The spouses of an eligible veteran.

Direct descendants refers to: daughters and granddaughters.  Effective October 17, 2019 Great grand-daughters, and other direct descendants are no longer eligible to join the ALA.   


Under the laws in the state of Wisconsin step-relatives are eligible to become members through a qualifying veteran.

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If a request for American Legion Auxiliary membership is based on a family member joining under a living veteran, the veteran must be a current member of The American Legion.  They do not have to belong to the corresponding Post BUT they must be a current member of The American Legion somewhere.

If a request for Auxiliary membership is based on a deceased veteran who was not a member of The American Legion, the prospective member will be required to provide verifying documentation that proves eligibility. 

(A deceased veteran does not ever have had to belong to The American Legion.)

A woman veteran may join the American Legion Auxiliary without being a member of The American Legion if her dates of service fall within at least one of the eligible service categories.  If, however, her family members wish to join the Auxiliary through her service, she must first become a member of The American Legion.  The Legion will verify the woman veteran's eligibility. 

If you have verified direct personal connection with service in one of the categories listed, you are eligible for membership in American Legion Auxiliary!


Category I

April 6, 1917 - November 11, 1918

Category II

December 7, 1941 - Present

To take advantage of your eligibility, contact your Department State Headquarters for additional information. Also, take a look at some of the member benefits (current as of April 2021) you will receive by joining American Legion Auxiliary.

Veterans Benefits Resource Center


Ph: 608-266-1311