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Betty Stone, Department Chaplain

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Because the American Legion Auxiliary is non-sectarian, all prayers and services should take into consideration that people of all faiths may be present.  The duties of the Unit Chaplain are to pronounce the invocation and benediction at Auxiliary meetings and to perform such other acts as requested within the office as spiritual leader of the unit. Memorial services should be conducted annually for deceased members. The charter should be draped to honor and respect a deceased member. Let the loved ones of the departed know that the American Legion Auxiliary cares by offering a kind word or deed and prayers. Visitations by the Chaplain to the ill, bereaved, homebound or nursing care patients are encouraged. In addition, units are encouraged to implement the POW/MIA Empty Chair Program at all meetings.

Resources & Information

  • Chaplain's Manual

  • Chaplain's Prayer Book

  • Manual Ceremonies

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