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Linda Coppock, Department Chairman

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Please remember that The American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary are non partisan, without regard to political affiliation.

The purpose of the Legislative program is to provide information and assistance to American Legion Auxiliary members in supporting the legislative agenda of The American Legion with elected officials at all levels of government (local, state, national). All programs are greatly dependent upon proper legislation, so the Auxiliary must be well informed.

Every unit should appoint a Legislative Chair and subscribe to The American Legion Dispatch and encourage as many members as possible to subscribe. The Dispatch is published monthly by the National American Legion and is available online at

For contact information and a list of officials go to: Members of Congress can also be found at and

Members should write to their legislators when asked to put special emphasis on a subject and send copies of the communication and responses received from legislators to the Department Legislative Chair. Responses help The American Legion national headquarters determine congressional opinion on veterans’ issues.

How to video for accessing and using TAL's Action Alert Center 

The American Legion Auxiliary supports the legislative priorities adopted by The American Legion. The American Legion’s Legislative Division in Washington, D.C., keeps abreast of current legislation related to veterans’ benefits, national security, and children and youth. Auxiliary members are encouraged to subscribe to the Legion’s legislative ebulletins to keep the Legion Family aware of legislative issues and the official positions of The American Legion on those issues.

Four action items taken from The American Legion Legislative Action Center website are listed along with a description of each that was taken directly from the website. The sample of what you could write in your letter regarding each issue follows the description, also directly from TAL Legislative Action Center website.  Let our representatives know that we support positive action on the issues of Buddy Checks, Treatment for Exposure to Toxic Substances, GI Bill Parity for all Reserve and National Guard, VA Health Care Access for all World War II veterans.

Check back if a link is not active

Additional  Resources:

Other issues on The American Legion legislative agenda include efforts to improve health care for women veterans, guaranteed pay for our Coast Guard in the event of a government shutdown, the expansion of broadband capabilities and services for veterans in remote areas to better meet their health care needs, and citizenship for veteran immigrants for honorable service in our military.

Contacting our elected representatives regarding issues important to our veterans and their welfare is a significant part of our commitment to participate in and contribute to the aims and purposes of The American Legion, as stated in the preamble to our constitution.

2023 District Chairmen:

District 1 - Mary Ellen Crandall            District 7 - Allysha Petranovich

District 2 - Vacant                                     District 8 - Vacant

District 3 - Vacant                                     District 9 - TBD

District 4 - Bonnie Jakubczyk                District 10 - Teresa Steinke

District 5 - Vacant                                     District 11 - TBD

District 6 - Kathie Boyette                       District 12 - Vacant

2022-2023 Legislative Program Awards Deadlines and Submission Requirements

Thank you for taking the time to share a favorite story about the positive impact you or someone you know has had on our mission! Your story may inspire another member into service. It also helps us tell the world who we are, what we do, and why we matter.

Here are the national awards for this committee:

Unit Award: Most Outstanding Unit Legislative Program (per division)

  • All unit entries must be submitted by the department chairman via electronic form by 5 p.m. EST on June 1.

Note: You will receive a confirmation when your award is submitted. Unit members should follow instructions from their department.

National Awards Form Link:

Department Award: Best Department Legislative Program (per division)

  • All department entries must be submitted by the department chairman via electronic form by 5 p.m. EST on June 1.

Note: You will receive a confirmation when your award is submitted.

National Awards Form Link:

Please note – when applicable, unit and department deadlines differ.

Questions? Contact

Fine Print:

Award submissions become property of the American Legion Auxiliary National Headquarters. Through submission of reports and award entries, the submitter grants nonexclusive reproduction and publication rights to the materials submitted and agrees to have their names and submission published for ALA use or commercial use without additional compensation or permission.

Please fill out the information as completely and accurately as possible. Award certificates will be completed using the information given on this sheet, so please be sure to complete the electronic form in its entirety.

Please refer to the webpage for the specific criteria such as photographs, narrative length, submission deadline, and point of contact. All awards will be mailed to the department office after ALA National Convention. Department presidents may wish to recognize award recipients by presenting them with the award at a department function.

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