National convention

August 27- September 2, 2021
Phoenix, az

INFORMATION - UPDATE as of June 22, 2021

There is great news to share regarding some relaxed measures in Phoenix and the Phoenix Convention Center (PCC) for our National Convention. 


These are the updates regarding the relaxed COVID-19 measures:

  1. Our convention is open now to all; Not a private event.  Invite your neighbor, your family, etc.   Everyone can attend now.   Just like in the past.    

  2. Waiver forms are still needed for anyone to attend.  If the attendee is a Guest, on the Waiver where it asks for Membership Number, simply mark “N/A”.

  3. Everyone still must Pre-Register with their Department.  There will be no on-site walk-in registration.    

  4. While there is now no Physical Distancing required in leased spaces, we still have to be cognizant and observe Physical Distancing in all common areas of the Phoenix Convention Center: hallways, foyers, food court, etc, that is not leased space to The American Legion.

  5. No capacity limits in meeting rooms or larger general session rooms or in exhibit hall.   The current assigned space and size of these rooms will remain in order for all to be comfortable and at ease to allow one to physical distance if they so desire. 

   However, for the States Dinner, at this time, we want to be ensured by the Center that the workforce/labor will be in full operation to service an increase in attendance.  There is a labor shortage across the country, especially in the hospitality industry currently.   Phoenix Convention Center (PCC) workforce is not at 100% yet.  We will make a determination whether to increase the size of the banquet by the end of July.    While relaxed Physical Distancing measures may allow for increased attendance to the banquet, it is our duty to ensure the PCC can facilitate a memorable experience while serving all expeditiously and still uphold the quality of standard. We, and the PCC, do not want to over promise and under deliver.

  6. Face Covering/Mask:   For all FULLY vaccinated people - do not have to wear a face covering/mask.  Will be on the honor system, just like                currently is with some retail stores, hotels, etc.  (Airlines still require face covering/mask as well as other transportation sources)

  7. There will be no on-site temperature checks or health screenings now at the PCC.   It is still the responsibility of the attendee to adhere to the            waiver agreement and protocols.  E.g. If you have a fever, stay home; if you contract COVID-19 two weeks prior to your convention departure,            stay home, etc.